How to accelerate stuck crypto transactions?

The cryptocurrency industry has blossomed due to which the traffic on the network has increased tremendously. The number of transactions taking place on the network is increasing exponentially along with the spam from the Bitcoin cash and 1MB block size.

It is to be understood that the Bitcoin blockchain processes more than 200,000 transactions per day and all these transactions get assembles in a backlog pool. The miners pick up the transactions from this backlog pool on the basis of their transaction fees attached to it. If the transaction fees is higher, then the transaction will be included in the next block.

But due to this that the blockchain gets crowded and the transactions get stuck. So, in order to accelerate your transactions, you can use Bitcoin Transaction accelerators.


What is Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators?

Bitcoin transaction accelerators are an off-chain request generator into the backlog mining pool which includes your transaction into the next block deliberately.  It is mostly paid but you can also get some free requests also.

In a traffic jam situation on the blockchain, then it is a very useful option despite your transactions having a low transaction fee. Since most people are not equipped to apply RBF or CPFP techniques in accelerating their transaction.

Some of the best Bitcoin accelerators avail be in the market are:

  1. BTC.Com

BTC.Com is a Bitcoin accelerator and the transaction fees are around $5 to $10. The chances of getting the transaction confirmed in one hour is about 75% to four hours is 98%. The total fees are refunded if the transaction is not confirmed within 12 hours.


ViaBTC is the free Bitcoin transaction accelerator but your transaction fee should be a minimum of 0.0001BTC/KB. It gives 100MB transaction free per hour and any transactions exceeding that have to be paid. In case if experiments, emergencies and genuine lower fees problems, ViaBTC also runs paid service.

  1. Bitcoin Afterburner

Bitcoin Afterburner acts like a fir-aid kit for the struck transaction. You just have to review all the stuck transactions in your wallet, accept the review fees and it will ensure that your transactions get processed within the next few blocks.